Theodore Kisner

Computational Cosmology Center
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Way, Mailstop 50B4206
Berkeley, CA 94720
P: (510) 495-2967
E: tskisner (at) lbl (dot) gov

I am a computer systems engineer with a background in physics working in the Computational Cosmology Center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. My research focuses on the application of modern software engineering practices and High Performance Computing (HPC) resources to current problems in cosmology.

The study of the Cosmic Microwave Background is an important foundation to all of modern cosmology. I have developed software tools to help process the increasing volume of data from microwave telescopes. I am also actively involved in several experiments where these tools are being applied to help extract scientific results from raw data.

A complimentary area of cosmology involves mapping out the matter distribution of the large scale structure of the universe and measuring the statistical properties of that distribution across the expansion history of the universe. One important step in processing the data from these large surveys is the extraction of spectra from the acquired data for the purposes of measuring the redshift of each object. I am working on tools to perform these operations in a way that leverages HPC resources.

Using HPC resources effectively presents unique challenges that span all areas of cosmology. I am also working on solving some of the problems related to software and data management on these systems.

You can find my publication list here or check out my CV.