This is the Homepage for the HPIC project, an implementation of the healpix method for pixelizing the sphere. The HPIC library and tools are licensed under the GNU General Public License, and you can find a copy of the license here. Why use HPIC instead of / in addition to other healpix tools?
  • Clean, object-oriented interface
  • Written in C - easily linked with C/C++ code
  • Perl interface, other language bindings possible
  • Superior FITS routines
  • Command line utilities to manipulate healpix FITS files


Version 0.53.1 released with various small bugfixes and legacy API removed. Can now be used simultaneously with the standard HEALPix library.


Point release (0.52.2) fixes small bugs in configure script, hpic_nsidecheck, and hpic_vec2ang.


HPIC version 0.52 re-released (initial release on 2005-11-11 had a problem)- support added for reading full-sphere FITS files that contain a contiguous "chunk" of pixels.


HPIC version 0.51 released- small bug fix in nearest neighbors function. Also affects hpic_outline command line tool.


HPIC version 0.50 released! Some function names have had a "hpic_" prefix added to them to reduce collisions with functions in other healpix libraries. You can automatically convert your code using this script. See the NEWS file for more info.