Historical Web Pages

This page is an archive of old projects and activities, and exists solely as a redirect landing pad for some long-standing web links.

BOOMERanG 2003 Antarctic Blog

A blast from the past, my web blog from the 2002-2003 campaign in Antarctica. The original was a very simple Perl-CGI script that I crafted, but this is a static version for posterity.

Old Code

In general, software ages very poorly. Not only that, but hopefully software authors learn and improve over time. Looking at software that I wrote even a few years ago often makes me shake my head and laugh. Nevertheless, here are some software tools that I wrote a decade ago as a graduate student:

  • HPIC: I needed a GPL'd HEALPix library for use in kst. The original HEALPix has since been released under the GPL.
  • Dirfile Library: Software library to read and write data in the fast binary format used by BOOMERanG and other experiments. Users of this format should now instead use the getdata library.
  • Fourier Transform Spectrometer analysis tools: For processing the data from the FTS made by Eric Torbet for John Ruhl's research group.